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The Power of One to Make A Difference

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Giving is a journey that opens our hearts to humanity. We are transformed by encounters with visionaries who inspire us with their ability to transcend obstacles and create miracles.


True philanthropy goes beyond the ability to write a check. The power of one to make a difference, creating positive change by giving from our deepest self, bringing our own experiences to create solutions, is the essence of giving. Each act of generosity is unique because it speaks of who we are. 

Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning takes on new meaning as a way to reflect on our lives, the accumulation of things we acquire or amass in the past

year, the clearing of energy in our homes so we create space for new energy to enter our lives, and the physical act of letting

go that allows growth to happen.


Often, we settle into the inertia of passive living and need the awakening energy of Spring to nudge us into action. May this Passover reflection energize you to engage in Spring cleaning with spiritual conviction.


The Luminous Continent

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Inhaling pure oxygen after a long hard climb up a steep and icy slope in Antarctica, I look down at our ship as a sailboat drifts by and kayaks glide in the glacial waters below. Imagining myself alone on this frozen planet, I realize how American explorer Admiral Richard Byrd felt when he wrote: “This is the way the world will look to the last man when it dies.” 

Trekking Patagonia

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Patagonia looks like nature the week after God created it. Land swelling like it had been lifted upward by some great surge, snowy mountains like fortresses, rivers that run as far as the eye can see, vast open skies that make you want to lie on your back and just absorb it all. Breathtaking nature that reduces us to a state of wordlessness. It fills you up inside and there are no words to contain what you see, no pictures to capture the sense of awe that stops you in your tracks and makes your whole body say WOW! 

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Recent articles featured in the NJ Jewish Standard

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Feast on Your Life: A Moment to Give Thanks

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Thanksgiving is a time of open heartedness, a day when we come to the communal table with generous hearts and share in the bounty of life. 

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Gilda Radner: Delicious Ambiguity

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My latest blog post is up. 

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A Time for Giving: 40 Years to Make a Difference


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